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As part of the comprehensive set of flower-related products and services provided by our company, the First Floral Company’s online shop of flower pots and home décor offers a broad array of quality designer items across all categories, including planters and cache pots of all sizes, florist accessories, and related home decoration articles. We carry over ten thousand products from well known DutchBelgianCzechGerman and Polish manufacturers. 

The selection by the PTMD brand, immensely popular with professional interior designers and architectural firms, includes exquisite home decoration items: figurines and chandeliers, paintings and art panels, indoor and patio furniture manufactured using wood, leather, fiberglass, and ceramics.

All varieties of potting soil, generic and special fertilizers, as well as gardening tools are also available for purchase. Our expert designers will readily assist you in choosing the product you need. For your convenience, you can order your purchase delivered by mail throughout Ukraine.